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College Algebra Tutorial DVD

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Math Tutor DVD

Includes 3 practice exams to reinforce learning.

Our College Algebra DVD covers material typical of a college level College Algebra course.  Also covers some basic concepts that teachers expect the student to already know.  It also lets you know how to check your answers.  Play these DVDs on your computer or a stand-alone DVD player.  Contains menus and chapters for easy navigation. Order today using Google Checkout or eBay!  Use the Add to Cart button below.  Shipping to U.S. only, send us an email regarding international orders.  This DVD is good for people taking a College Algebra course, and is also helpful for students taking the College Algebra CLEP, ACT, and SAT tests.

Recommended for

  • High School Algebra 2 Courses
  • High School College Algebra Courses
  • College Algebra CLEP
  • College Mathematics CLEP
  • DSST Fundamentals of College Algebra (combine with Intermediate Algebra)

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  1. Linear Equations
  2. Solving Linear Equation containing two variables
  3. Functions
  4. Evaluating functions
  5. Linear Functions (lines)
  6. Polynomials
  7. Factoring
    1. Greatest Common Factor
    2. Difference of Squares
    3. x2+bx+c form
    4. ax2+bx+c form
    5. Grouping
    6. P&Q method (also called M&N method)
  8. Quadratic Functions
    1. Zero Product Rule
    2. Square root Method
    3. Completing the Square
    4. Quadratic Formula
  9. Quadratic Functions (parabolas-vertex)
  10. Exponential Functions
  11. Logarithmic Functions
  12. Compound Interest
  13. Word Problems
  14. Bonus material - Fractions Review and Using the graphing calculator.


College Algebra DVD
Algebra DVD