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College Algebra CLEP DVD

Order Today!  $39.99  9+ hours of tutoring valued over $200.

Need to review for the College Algebra CLEP examination?  These DVD will get you up to speed.  Set include 8 DVDs full of algebra that will get you prepared for the exam.  Also checkout our Solution Manual for the practice CLEP exam sold by College Board.  It shows the full explanations on how to solve the problems.  View that here.





College Algebra Outline

  1. Linear Equations
  2. Solving Linear Equation containing two variables
  3. Functions
  4. Evaluating functions
  5. Linear Functions (lines)
  6. Polynomials
  7. Factoring
    1. Greatest Common Factor
    2. Difference of Squares
    3. x2+bx+c form
    4. ax2+bx+c form
    5. Grouping
    6. P&Q method (also called M&N method)
  8. Quadratic Functions
    1. Zero Product Rule
    2. Square root Method
    3. Completing the Square
    4. Quadratic Formula
  9. Quadratic Functions (parabolas-vertex)
  10. Exponential Functions
  11. Logarithmic Functions
  12. Compound Interest
  13. Word Problems
  14. Bonus material - Fractions Review and Using the graphing calculator.


Intermediate Algebra Outline

  1. Operations on Polynomials
  2. Factoring
    1. Greatest Common Factor
    2. x2+bx+c form
    3. ax2+bx+c form
  3. Solving Linear Equations
  4. Graphing
  5. Linear Equations in two variables
  6. Intercepts and slopes of straight lines
  7. Inequalities
  8. Solving system of equations (Substitution Method)
  9. Solving system of equations (Addition Method)
  10. Quadratic Formula