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Dantes Subject Standardized Test

DSST College Algebra Quiz
Algebra Tutorial DVDs

The Dantes tests allow you to obtain college credit for knowledge you may have gotten from reading, on the job training, independent study, or previous cousework that did not transfer.  There are over 37 tests covering Social Science, Business, Mathematics, Applied Technology, Humanities, and Physical Science.

Imagine paying only $70 to take a test that can give you 3 college credits.  Do this without setting a foot in the classroom.  This can save you time and money while you try to obtain your degree.

There are two math tests that you can take.  They include Fundamentals of College Algebra and Principles of Statistics.

The Dantes (DSST) Fundamentals of College Algebra covers the following topics.

  • Fundamental Algebraic Operations
    Operations with algebraic expressions
    Operations with polynomials
  • Factoring polynomials over real numbers
  • Rational expressions
  • Exponential and Radical expressions
  • Linear Equations
    Single variables
    Operations with matrices
    Methods of solving two and three variable systems
  • Absolute value and equations and inequalities
  • Quadratic equations and inequalities
    Methods of solving
    Quadratic forms
    Solving quadratic inequalities
  • Equations involving radicals
  • Complex numbers
    Basic operations
  • Functions
    Domain and range
    Coordinate systems
    Inverse functions
    Operations and functions
    Rational functions
    Exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Two Dimensional Graphing

So how should you study for the Dantes Fundamentals of Algebra test? You have two DVDs that will help you out a lot.  The Intermediate Algebra and College Algebra Tutorial DVDs.  More information here.

You can visit the Dantes main site here.

The Dantes (DSST) Principles of Statistics covers the following topics.

  • Foundations of Statistics
    Data type and levels of measurement, sample versus population
    Sampling methods
    Descriptive statistics
    Visual representation of data
  • Probability
    Basic concepts
    Probability rules for dependent and independent events
    Combinations and permutations
    Discrete distributions
    Continuous distributions
  • Correlation and Regression
    Scatter plots
    Linear correlation
    Linear regression
    Prediction using the linear mode
  • Sampling Distributions
    Z and T scores
    Law of averages, expected values, standard error, normal approximation, sample size, sample average and estimating accuracy of a sample
    Central Limit Theory
  • Inferential Statistics
    Confidence intervals
    Null and alternative hypothesis
    Type I and Type II Errors
    Inference for the mean
    Comparing two sample means and proportions
    Comparing the means of more than two samples

So how should you study for the Dantes Principles of Statistics test? You the Probability & Statistics Tutorial DVD that will help you out a lot.    More information here.

You can take practice exams here.