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I used Jason as my tutor when I took Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, and Statistics.  Math was never a strong suit for me and felt I needed individualized tutoring sessions from someone.  Luckily I found Jason, and because I utilized his service, I received an “A” in each of my Algebra classes and a “B” in Statistics. 

Jason is very knowledgeable in Algebra and Statistics. His teaching style made it very easy for me to follow.  He was able to break everything down and made it easier for me to understand.  I learned a tremendous amount and gained quite a bit of knowledge from him that I wasn’t able to pick up from my Math instructors.  

I was very satisfied with the tutoring sessions I had with Jason and recommend him to anyone who needs help in any type of Math courses.  He has a great personality and is very patient.  I could always rely on him to answer any question I had difficulty with at any time.  He would always take the time to answer my questions when I called him or sent him an email. 

Thank you Jason for the great service you provided me. 

Esther, Student, Columbia College of Missouri

Hi, I'm Jackie, I really didn't know what I was actually getting myself into by taking algebra which was a major requirement in order for me to graduate.  I had a very difficult time in class not understanding anything that was going on, he could do a problem over an over still I couldn't catch on. I hired my own private tutor J-digital service for Intermediate and college algebra that was very helpful. One on one, practice problems and also practice test. J-digital services has patience and is always willing to help in anyway they can and with assurance making you feel more confident.  With the help from J-digital service I can say I graduated from algebra, they made it possible.

Jackie, Student, Columbia College of Missouri

Hi my name is Robbin.  I am a student at Columbia College. I was not very good in Algebra, I failed the class the first time. However the second time I got with Jason and passed the class with a B. If you need help in Algebra do not wait until you fail get some tutoring from Jason and I am sure you will be successful. Thanks Jason and God Bless You. Robbin

My name is Vicky and I met Jason when I was taking or should I say failing
College Algebra at Columbia College.

I was having a very difficult time. I knew I was in trouble of failing and that having a tutor would be my only chance of passing this class. I contacted Jason via email and within minutes my first session was scheduled for the following Saturday. Jason and I met several times throughout the course. We would meet on Saturdays for one-on-one sessions, which were great. On several occasions Jason suggested that we also meet the night before a test. He wanted to insure that I felt confident and to also
address any last minute concerns. That showed me that Jason sincerely cares about his students and that he wants them to succeed. With Jason's help I brought my grade up from a low D to a C, which was a HUGE accomplishment for me and something I am very proud of.

I really appreciated the help Jason provided to me which sharpen my skills and improved my weak areas in Statistics. I encourage any one who needs assistance to contact Jason at

Debra, Student, Columbia of Missouri



Dude, I just wanted to thank you for deciding to produce and sell your DVDs on College Algebra. I feel that for the first time I'm actually understanding the material. I'll definitely recommend them to family and friends. You deserve a Nobel Prize or something. So thanx Jason.

"Yes these videos have definitely helped me. I have had difficulty in math ever since I was a child. These videos make learning Algebra fun and easy to learn. Thank you. I am still interested in learning more.

Hello, thank your very much for the videos, I gave them to my daughters to use in supplment to therir math classes and it seems like they are suing them and it is helping them out.

The videos did help jog my memory on a bunch of stuff, that's for
sure.  I was able to pass my Algebra placement test the first time and
get a real good score.

My DVDs arrived fast and they have been very helpful with college algebra.

Thanks once again. Your videos are an asset to learning.

Wow! These DVDs are going to help me so much in college algebra. I recommend!!!!

Great DVD set to help you and your children learn. A++++

Fast shipping, a comprehensive approach to remarkably didactic material. A+

I was surprised, easy to follow and understand my 9 year old son understands it.

Thanks, it's great for a refresher.

Fast service. Great software tutor. Love it. Love it Love it. Thanks

Thanks for the prompt shipment I love the math dvds great seller!!! thanks

Good Material. Cost less than 1 hour of tutoring.

Thanks once again. Your videos are an asset to learning.