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High School Algebra Tutorial DVD

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2


More than 9 hours of material.

Created by J. Digital Computer & Tutoring services, these DVDs covers major topics found in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.  These DVDs will allow you to take the "teacher" home with you and review your classroom instruction.  Forget about missing something, you can easily press rewind.  Save money by buying this DVD, 9 hours with a math tutor can cost you more than $270!  These DVDs get into great detail on how to solve problems and covers some basic material that the teacher just doesn't have time to cover and how to check your answers.  Learn "tricks of the trade" from a successful math student and Engineer, Mr. Jason Hankins.  These are great to have to enhance your learning in the classroom or if you have missed some classes.  These DVD are brand new. 



High School Algebra 1
High School Algebra 2


Topics Covered

  1. Linear Equations
  2. Solving Linear Equation containing two variables
  3. Functions
  4. Evaluating functions
  5. Linear Functions (lines)
  6. Polynomials
  7. Factoring
    1. Greatest Common Factor
    2. Difference of Squares
    3. x2+bx+c form
    4. ax2+bx+c form
    5. Grouping
    6. P&Q method (also called M&N method)
  8. Quadratic Functions
    1. Zero Product Rule
    2. Square root Method
    3. Completing the Square
    4. Quadratic Formula
  9. Quadratic Functions (parabolas-vertex)
  10. Exponential Functions
  11. Logarithmic Functions
  12. Compound Interest
  13. Word Problems
  14. Bonus material - Fractions Review and Using the graphing calculator.
  15. Operations on Polynomials
  16. Factoring
    1. Greatest Common Factor
    2. x2+bx+c form
    3. ax2+bx+c form
  17. Solving Linear Equations
  18. Graphing
  19. Linear Equations in two variables
  20. Intercepts and slopes of straight lines
  21. Inequalities
  22. Solving system of equations (Substitution Method)
  23. Solving system of equations (Addition Method)
  24. Quadratic Formula