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Intermediate Algebra Tutorial DVD

Order Today !  4 hours of tutoring valued over $100.

DVD covers material typical of a college level Intermediate Algebra course.  Also covers some basic concepts that teachers expect the student to already know.  It also lets you know how to check your answers.  Contains menus and chapters for easy navigation. Order today!  Shipping to U.S. only, send us an email regarding international orders.




  1. Operations on Polynomials
  2. Factoring
    1. Greatest Common Factor
    2. x2+bx+c form
    3. ax2+bx+c form
  3. Solving Linear Equations
  4. Graphing
  5. Linear Equations in two variables
  6. Intercepts and slopes of straight lines
  7. Inequalities
  8. Solving system of equations (Substitution Method)
  9. Solving system of equations (Addition Method)
  10. Quadratic Formula