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We can help you with your online math courses.

Many students do not realize that online courses are really independent study courses.  Typically there are no lectures or notes.  Typically the only things that are graded are the tests.

So as a student you have to set aside time to study and do the work.  There will be no teacher telling you that you need to study and that you need to show up to class.  Sometimes the teacher isn't much help during the course.

Many colleges are using MyMathLab to teach students math and administer tests and quizzes. We can work with you using MyMathLab where we can see your screen and help you through the problems.

So how can we help you?  We will make sure that you are keeping up with the material and homework and understand it so you will do well on the tests.  We will act as your teacher for the courses.  We provide online tutoring and homework assistance.  We are able work with your schedule by being available in the evenings and weekends and on short notice.

We have helped many adults with Algebra, Statistics, Finite Math, GMAT, GRE, ASVAB, ASTB, ACT and other math courses and exams.  In person and online.

How does online tutoring work?  Well with the power of the internet we can reproduce in person tutoring even if we are thousands of miles apart.  With an online white board that we can both see and write on.  Also using Yahoo Messenger we can have a conversation.  Watch us on your computer as we explain how to solve a math problem.

Frustrated and almost ready to drop the course?  Don't waste money by taking the course again contact us first and we will help you learn the material so you will pass. 

Also checkout our Algebra and Statistics DVDs.

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