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Probability and Statistics Tutorial DVD

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DVD covers material typical of a college level Probability/Statistics course.  Also covers some basic concepts that teachers expects the student to already know.   Contains menus and chapters for easy navigation. Shipping to U.S. only, send us an email regarding international orders.  This DVD is good for people taking a Probability/Statistics course in high school or college.

Recommended for

  • High School Statistics Courses
  • College Statistics Courses
  • DSST Principles of Statistics
  • Business Statistics
  • Statistics for Decision Making
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Probability and Statistics



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Probability and Statistics DVD
Elementary Statistics DVD


  1. Frequency Distribution
  2. Measures of Central Tendency
  3. Measures of Variation
  4. Concepts of Probability
  5. Multiplication Rule
  6. Addition Rule
  7. Binomial Distribution
  8. Normal Distribution
  9. Standard Normal Distribution
  10. Finding Probabilities
  11. Finding Values
  12. Central Limit Theorem
  13. Hypothesis Testing
  14. Chi Square Distribution
  15. Using the Tables