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The ACT is used to assess what you have learned while in school. It has four sections including English, Math, Reading and Science. The scores range from 1 to 36. Since each high school is different it is hard to determine if you have two students with a 3.5 which one is more prepared for college. One school might be easier than the other. The ACT is way to test everyone over the same material to see who is more prepared. The ACT is not an IQ test. It test knowledge someone should had obtained in school. Colleges use this test to help determine you will be admitted and who is eligible for scholarships.

The math section covers the following topics: exponents, vectors, matrices, algebraic expressions, linear equations, polynomials, radicals, exponential equations, system of equations, functions, logarithms, shape congruency, surface area, volume, circles, triangles, trigonometric ratios, conic sections, statistics, probability, rates, percentages, proportional relationships, averages and medians. It is recommened to take as much math in high school as you can to help prepare you for the ACT Math portion. This will also allow you to start out in a higher math course when you start college. If you take less math courses in high school you might just end up taking them in college anyways.

There are some practice test in the Official ACT Prep Guide. Also you can find some old administred test on the internet.

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