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ACT Math Prep - Group 6 week course

Does your student need to improve their ACT Math Score? This six-week course is designed to familiarize the student with the math found on the ACT. Depending on the student, this might be the first time seeing some of these math concepts. We will fill that gap. With the limited time to take the exam, the student must recognize which concept the question is trying to test right away. With in-class problems, homework, quizzes and practice tests, your student will be well prepared to take the exam and be able to spot the concept right away. This course meets twice a week for six weeks. Classes are held Thursday evening at 6:30PM CST and Saturday at 10:30AM CST. The student will also learn how to solve some problems purely on the calculator and learn techniques to solve difficulty problems. Learn techniques such as plugging in the answer and plugging in a Value. Relieve the stress of you student trying to figure out ACT Math on their own. This class is conducted virtually over zoom. For the first 10 students to sign up, I will throw in the ACT Science 3 Test Review for free.

  1. Number and Quantity
  2. Rates, Ratio, Proportion, and Percent
  3. Statistics and Probability
  4. Functions
  5. Algebra
  6. Geometry

What is included in the course?

  1. Lecture
  2. Practice Problems
  3. Quizzes
  4. Practice Tests

Cost: $300 per person

When: Twice a week for 6 weeks. 1-hour 15 minutes each session.

Where: Online via Skype/Zoom

If you want one on one tutoring then it is $50/hr


After taking this course students have increased their math score up to 6 points. With the highest score being a 33.

With one on one tutoring we got a student's math score up to a 35.

Session 1: March 2 - April 8 2023

Session 2: April 20 - May 27 2023

Session 3: June 1 - July 8 2023

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ACT Math Prep - Three Math Test Review

In this course we go over three previously released ACT tests. We review how to solve the problems and what formulas are needed to solve them.

A minimum of three people are needed for the group

Cost: $37 per person

When: Once a week for 3 weeks. 1.5-hour each session

Where: Online via Skype

If you want one on one tutoring then it is $50/hr

Session 1: March 12, March 19, March 26 2023 @ 7:30PM EST / 6:30PM CST

Session 2: May 21, May 28, June 4 2023 @ 7:30PM EST / 6:30PM CST

Session 3: June 25, July 2, July 9 2023 @ 7:30PM EST / 6:30PM CST

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Upcoming National Test Dates

ACT Test Date: February 11, 2023

ACT Test Date: April 15, 2023

ACT Test Date: June 10, 2023

ACT Test Date: July 15, 2023